Input data

Would you like to do an easy estimation of the presence of 24-h oscillations in your data without installing of any softwares or studying complicated manual? Just do the COSINOR analysis? eCOSINOR, the on-line tool, is for you. Everything is easy. You need only a web browser and data, which you just copy from your Excel file directly to the fields below.
Column one: Time, decimal form. Transform 20:30 to 20.5 etc. If you are not sure how, please, visit this page.
Column two: Values, decimal form. Examples: 2.10, 5, 5.8, 100.2 etc.



CoW, cosinor on the web is an easy to use web-based application. Its purpose is to help (mainly) students estimate presence of 24-h periods in their time-stamped data.

Cosinor [Cosine vector] n. A procedure for the analysis of biological rhythms based on the plotting of a cosine wave to the raw data. Note: The singlecosinor procedure plots a single cosine function with a presumed period (anticipated on the basis of prior experience) to the time series and provides estimates of mesor, amplitude, and acrophase. More complex cosinor procedures utilize a fundamental function and one or more harmonics.

Refinetti, R. (2016). Circadian physiology. CRC press.